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Dealing with Oily Skin

All human beings, which include both men and women, have three basic types of skin, which are dry, oily and mixed. Although having dry skin could prove to be just as much a pain as having oily skin, oily skin seems to have many more problems with acne. That is why we humans have combined technology and nature to create a few simple tips on skin care for oily skin.

Use water based products. Oily skin tends to produce an abundance of oil on the skin, therefore, water based products are the best choice for skin care. If one uses creams and/or moisturizers that contain oils, they may aggravate or possibly worsen the condition, usually by giving one blackheads and/or acne. Throughout the summer months, when the weather is hot and sweaty, it would be advisable to use only light makeup or better yet, no makeup at all. Light makeup means using only moisturizers and a blush, or simply adding a dash of natural colored lipstick and/or mascara for the eyes.

Moisture. Oily skins mean having more oil production and less moisture. It is important to comprehend this, as most people thing wrongly that by having oily skin there is no room for moisturizers. Usually people will use soap-based cleansers to clean their skin leaving their skin dry and dehydrated. To really replenish the lost moisture, moisturizers are to be used frequently. By doing so, you will give your skin a more healthy and radiant complexion. Remember oily skin doesn’t necessarily mean you have you an excess of moisture, it just means it is oily and you need to find a middle ground. That’s why keeping the moisture of your skin at a normal level is essential for getting that beautiful looking skin you have always wanted.

Remove Make-up. With modern society requiring us to look our best every day, it is not uncommon to see people putting on makeup before leaving for work, but what happens after work? A lot of people missed this crucial step because they are too tired to do those last important steps after a hectic day at work. Removing cosmetics correctly through the use of cleansing milk (with gentle exfoliating effects) could prove to be a very crucial step; as it not only removes the facial cosmetics, but also rids your face of excessive dirt. Nevertheless, if you don’t wear makeup to work (or at all), you still need to remember that it is important to clean your face before going to bed every night.

Astringents. Astringents are chemical substances that tend to shrink or constrict our body tissue. This is an important step after cleansing and exfoliating your face, as it serves the purpose of closing up the pores of your skin, which in turn prevents dust and other pollutants from clogging them.

Discipline. There is an old saying “having beauty is easy, maintaining it is the hard part”. One should stick to a strict facial beauty care regimen. It is crucially important for those that have oily skin to follow their regular skin care routines. As the only side effect of following such routines is to have continuously healthy and radiant looking skin, not to mention looking younger than ever before.