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Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Skin Care

Sun – Just how much is good ? Baking in the sun sure may feel great and you may enjoy getting roasted. A chocolate tan may look gorgeous, but spending too much time in the sun may not be a great thing to do as your skin can develop wrinkles.

But this does not mean you should scrupulously apply sun screen all over your body and stay indoors all tihs time. Sunlight is the only source of Vitamin D – a very, very important vitamin that is necessary for healthy living. For the right amount of time you should be spending in the sun everyday, you might want to consult your doctor.

The Wind : Ever experienced the exhilaration of driving in a convertible on a gorgeous day ? Sure the wind in your hair feels great, but the wind may also dry and toughen the skin on your face. To protect your face on a windy day, you might want to wear a ski mask or a scarf. Applying a moisturizer that is right for your skin may also be a good thing to do.

The skin also loses moisture in dry air – whether cold or hot. You might want to use a humidifier or indoor plants ( as they emit water vapor ) in winter.

Quit smoking ! If you ever wanted yet another reason to quit smoking right away, then here is one – nicotine acts to constrict blood vessels and hinders the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. And it may also emphasize crow’s feet.

Love steaming hot showers ? Well, some wise man said that all that feels good may not be good at all … or something to that effect. That does seem to be true in a few cases at least. Hot showers and baths may deplete moisture from your skin. Almost paradoxically, the longer you soak the more moisture your skin loses.

On the other hand, cooler showers may be a lot better for your skin. And that is true in freezing winters too ! Also, saunas make your skin feel tight not because they improve your skin’s texture but because they dry your skin ! Also, electric blankets may also promote loss of water from the surface of the skin of the skin if they are set at too high a temperature.

Dieting ? Go easy on diuretics. Dieters sometimes use diuretics – pills for water reduction. And these too dry the skin and make it lose its moisture.

Poor nutrition and physical inactivity affect the skin too.Your skin needs adequate nutrition and a healthy blood flow. Exercise is vital for proper blood flow to your skin. So being sluggish and living on junk foods may not be good if you want to keep your skin looking healthy and young.